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Lean Production

Strategic Production Development

Meeting the requirements of the market

The requirements on modern manufacturing have continuously increased in recent years. The market constantly demands new materials an processes, and these even in a variety of forms.
New solutions must be elaborated to meet the high demands of the market and yet to produce efficiently.
This raises the question for you, how to gear the company medium and long term, in order to avoid lagging behind.

In this context the following aspects must be considered:

  • Future production – what will be order-related and what non-order-related?
  • Where to store and sort parts, semi-finished goods or products?
  • Which manufacturing concept and which technologies are the most economical in a holistic approach?
  • How can the future concept be implemented in the existing buildings?
  • Which production organization, information flows and which software are the best to support the processes?
Lean Production 1

Focus and approach

  1. Target definition and analysis
    • What should be the focus of the company's development (sales, products, variants)?
    • Which optimization or cost targets can be achieved?
    • How is the present position of the company with regard to:
      • Machines and equipment?
      • Material flow and logistics?
      • Buildings with expansion possibilities?
      • Information flow and software?
  2. Evaluation and Current State Analysis
    • What is the company's position compared to the industrial sector (benchmarks)?
    • Where are potentials for improvement?
    • Are the general developments in the market and industry being taken into account?
  3. Conceptual development
    • Elaboration and comparison of several approaches
    • Definition of the ideal future production as target definition
    • Formulation and assessment of individual measures
    • Timeframe with actions for the implementation

Your benefit

  • Clear direction and strategy for the future development
  • Short-term and future investments are based on a well-founded overall concept
  • Efficient and economical reorientation
  • Planning reliability and targeted approach

Lean Production 2