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Lean Production

Lean Production

The Way to a Lean Organization

The terms Kaizen, CIP, Kanban, Just-in-time, Milk Run, SMED, One-Piece-Flow und 5S have become buzzwords that are being used with increasing frequency also in the woodworking and furniture industry. When you are part of this industry you may have been confronted with the inevitable question why its production is so backwards, particularly compared to the automotive industry, which has applied lean production methods for approximately 20 years.

Many entrepreneurs do not have sufficient understanding of the theoretical concepts of one-piece-flow or just-in-time, and it is often unclear how to actually implement these in their own woodworking productions.

The following questions arise:

  • What are the benefits of Lean Production for my company?
  • Which principles and tools can be applied in the woodworking and furniture industry?
  • How can I implement these and which resources are required?

Significant savings can be achieved if the tools and principles of Lean Production are implemented correctly. In particular, improvement processes that are based on input provided by employees and are not managed top-down release enormous potential for the success of Lean Production.

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This does not only include tidying up workplaces but means that all employees recognize waste within their areas of responsibility (Defect, down time, high inventory, handling etc.) and then improve the respective workflows. There is usually much more "invisible waste" than "visible waste".

Whether these improvements will be implemented in the context of practical training sessions, employee-based CIP or projects must be decided on an individual basis. What is essential is to send out positive messages right from the outset and to actively involve employees in order to get full acceptance for a change of mindset within the organization.

SCHULER Consulting, an expert in the woodworking and furniture industry, will support you during the introduction stage.

Key aspects and approach:

  • Support during the introduction and set-up of the lean organization
  • Conducting of pilot workshops in the production and in the office
  • Training of employees
  • Templates for the lean tools (5S, Kanban, etc.)
  • External audits to ensure sustainability

Your benefit:

  • Professional support during the implementation
  • Planning certainty and targeted approach
  • Progressive handover of responsibility for workshops and organization based on internal resources

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