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Industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0

The Way to Intelligent Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is the new milestone that is currently discussed and studied by science, the industry and society.
Until now existing definitions mostly describe it as an objective that will take us to the next level: from steam engines, one-piece flow and automated machinery in factories to the "Internet of things". Enormous expectations are placed on such "smart factories", including the impacts on the environment. Nevertheless, every company needs to define its path towards Industry 4.0 individually.

SCHULER Consulting is an international, well experienced consultancy service provider in the furniture and timber industry. For decades, we have supported our clients to make strategic decisions and have shown them paths to grow and reach new standards.

Key facts

SCHULER Consulting is specialized in the furniture and timber industry and supports you in the following areas:

  • We analyze the current situation in your company and production regarding a continuous data flow
  • We analyze and optimize your processes from the Point-of-Sales (POS) through the ERP right to the Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • We consult you to provide a basic understanding of Industry 4.0 by using examples from the industry
  • We develop a strategy that is tailored to your company and helps you reach the vision of Industry 4.0

SCHULER Consulting evaluates your company in an "Industry 4.0" workshop under 4 different aspects:

  1. From the perspective of the order entry process, i.e. business processes from the shop through to the client
  2. From the perspective of the product, i.e. the product development process (product life cycle from R&D, through construction and design, vertical range of manufacture, optimal use of material, SOP, scrapping, recycling, and energy efficiency in production right to the reusability of parts, etc.)
  3. From the factory perspective, i.e. the process of developing production facilities (from factory and investment planning through the set-up and commissioning of machines, maintenance and optimization of production cells right to modernization, etc.)
  4. From the technology perspective, i.e. the technology process (use of new technologies against the backdrop of changed surrounding conditions, small batch sizes instead of large volumes, technologies for required parts, e.g. nesting vs. cutting or PU glue vs. laser edgebander, RFID vs. barcode stickers, etc.)

Industrie 4.0

Visualization of the continuous data flow. Each part can be identified automatically – part, machine, and system communicate with each other.

Industrie 4.0


SCHULER Consulting offers you the following in a workshop

  • Concentrated know-how transfer and guidance in strategic decision-making process,
  • Creation of an action plan that shows current gaps in your company that need to be closed,
  • Development of a roadmap and timeline to implement the final objective of Industry 4.0,
  • Define what Industry 4.0 means for your company and illustrate the environmental impacts, the potential, limits and milestones.

Based on an analysis of business processes and production, SCHULER will identify the weaknesses and redundancies to create a strategy for implementing Industry 4.0 in your company. The strategy's central points are the reductions of redundancies, media discontinuities and any kind interface to create an integrated solution. We are aware that the different available software products with their according specialization lead to interfaces which, in theory, are to be reduced with Industry 4.0.

Your benefit

The goal and milestone in our strategy is to create an integrated solution that contains the following points and combines them to make the vision of Industry 4.0 reality:

  • Optimization of the information flow in the order entry process and other business processes:
    • POS order entry process (B2B, B2C, CRM)
    • POM order import and processing (ERP)
    • CAD / CAM with BOM / CNC
    • Master data process (PDM)
    • Material supply (SCM)
    • Production principles (MTS, MTO)
    • Assembly (ATO)
    • Shipping
    • Construction and Design (R&D)
  • Optimization of material flow in production
  • Reduction of inventories in your company (buffers and intermediate storage, KANBAN, consumption-driven, demand-driven, safety-stock controlled)
  • Optimization of the furniture construction/design
  • Improving time to market
  • Factory optimization (production process, machinery and technology, etc.)
  • Reorganization for increased efficiency in production processes
  • Improved machine utilization
  • Support in make-or-buy decisions
  • Reorganization of production cells (tr, te)
  • Optimization of off-cut results by using cutting optimization software
  • Optimization of software evaluation (with requirements specifications, in the areas of POS, POM with ERP and MES)

Industry 4.0 is much more than just a new machine technology; it means software and hardware implementation and a re-design of existing business processes in the entire company.

Industry 4.0 is the future state-of-the-art and the goal to achieve over the next few years. It is crucial to provide a basis for the right development of your company now. SCHULER Consulting provides guidance, acts as your sparring partner, and offers know-how. SCHULER makes external resources available that enable your company to take this next step. Stay competitive by making the new Industrial Revolution become reality!

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