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Lean Production

Schuler Company ECG

Get your company check up!

If your business has grown over the years, you should continue to develop the organization and structure accordingly. Thus, you will ensure to tap the full potential of your business processes, the organization and production. The "SCHULER Company ECG" provides you with a neutral outside perspective on the possibilities to improve your organization. Based on this status quo specific actions can be set to improve the effectiveness of the company or to initiate a structured, long-term orientation.

Focus of the analysis:

  • Production: Efficiency of machines and workplaces
  • Logistics: Is material and auxiliary material in the right place, at the right time?
  • Organization: Consistency of information from order entry through to shipment
  • Products: Are the design principles suitable for an effective production?
  • Finance: Quick check-up of the cost structure and comparison with benchmark figures

Lean Production 1

Your benefit:

  • Concise overview on the status quo of the company
  • Specific recommendations to instantly improve your company
  • Recommendations for a long-term further development of the company

Course of action:

  • Two SCHULER consultants will be on site for 2 days and will analyze your company processes in terms of soft spots and improvement potential.
  • The results are shown in the form of a presentation on day two and are prioritized according to the need for action. In addition, initiatives for practical improvement are suggested.

Lean Production 2