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Efficient workplaces

Optimal processes

The optimization of the last bit of cycle time and feed is a frequent procedure in the furniture sector. It is often overlooked, however, that a great deal of work time is invested for manual jobs at the assembly workplaces, logistics and transport. Frequently untapped potential for improvement and optimization can be found here. In order to achieve an efficient workplace engineering, detailed knowledge on activities and workflows at the workplace are indispensable. Therefore we are running a moderate workshop on workplace engineering together with your employees. The objective of the workshop is to implement the improvements immediately.


  • Maximum performance of the workers through human engineering
  • Optimized interface to logistic- and sorting processes
  • Avoidance of waste through non value adding activities

Your benefit:

  • Increase of productivity
  • Efficiently and ergonomically designed workplaces
  • Improvement driven by workers
  • Reduction of physical stress of the workers
  • Short realization time

Lean Production 1
Lean Production 1